Benefits of the Display Reinforcement System

The core of the Display Reinforcement System is the innovative plate (PATENT PENDING) shown to the left.  This DRS plate:

  • is compatible with any pegboard with one-inch-hole spacing and up to one-quarter-of-an-inch thick;

  • is compatible with virtually all existing pegboard hangers;

  • can be used side-by-side, either vertically or horizontally,  to "repair" larger areas of damaged pegboard;

  • adds two "tangs" (shown in red below) to any pegboard hook, reducing the effective pressure of the individual hanger tangs (shown in blue below) on the backside of the pegboard;

  • moves the effective "pivot point" at the bottom of the hanger apron (shown in green #1 below) to the bottom of the of the hanger/ DRS plate assembly (shown in green #2 below), further reducing damaging pressure on the pegboard and elevating prong;

  • increases the footprint of any pressure point on the front side caused by hook-support features of the hangers, preventing damage to the pegboard,  which increases the load-bearing capability of the  hanger (however, the DRS plate does not augment the inherent strength of the prong of any hanger);

  • DRS plate"lifts" display hangers by increasing the effective "thickness" of the pegboard, which is especially effective on metal pegboards which are "thinner" than conventional pegboards;

  • can be used as a "preventative" measure to keep pegboard damage to a minimum, when the product to be displayed is known to be heavy; and finally,

  • is a less expensive solution than removing product, replacing pegboard, and rehanging product.

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